BBQ Bacon Strips

Try out our new exciting BBQ Bacon Strips.

For both big and small dogs; available in 500g tubs and 120g pouches.


Remember fresh water should always be provided when serving the treats


The Ingredients Include:

Corn starch, processed animal, protein, humectants, water, milk powder (lactose reduced), vegetable protein extracts, various sugars, fats & oils, hydrolysed liver, minerals, colourants, emulsifiers, thickening agent, flavourings and preservatives.



Crude Protein 137.5 g (min)
Moisture 177.5 g (max)
Total Fat 45 g (min)
Crude Fiber 10 g (max)
Crude Ash 50 g (max)
Calcium 12.5 g (max)
Phosphorous 6.5 g (min)