Jumbo Iced Biscuits with Oxtail Flavoured Icing

Jumbo Iced Dog Biscuits with delicious Oxtail Flavoured Icing, which are individually wrapped to maintain freshness and maintain quality. 50g Biscuits per display outer.


Remember fresh water should always be provided when serving treats.


The Ingredients Include:
Ground wheat, wheat flour, meat & animal derivatives, bran, plan fats, salt, non-lauric non-sucrose coating, minerals, vitamins, flavourants and approved anti-oxidants.



Protein 160 g (min)
Fat 100 g (max)
Fibre 35 g (max)
Moisture 100 g (max)
Calcium 15 g (max)
Phosphorous 8 g (min)
Iron 60 mg
Vitamin A 6000 iu
Vitamin C 50 mg
B Complex 1.48 mg
Vitamin E 69 iu
Magnesium 0.5 mg
Zinc 30 mg
Selenium 0.5 mg